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Stringing Gear

Wire Equipment

Trailer-Mounted Pullers
Make Model Rated Line Pull Weight (with ropes) Engine
TSE DP-20-4H Four Drum Puller 2,000 lbs 5,800 lbs 27hp
TSE DP-35-4H Four Drum Puller 3,500 lbs 26,000 lbs 74hp
TSE DP-40-4H Four Drum Puller 4,000 lbs 19,000 lbs 74hp
TSE DP-100 Single Drum Puller 10,000 lbs
TSE DP-200 Single Drum Puller 20,000 lbs
TSE DP-300 Single Drum Puller 30,000 lbs
*Four Drum and Single Drum Pullers

Wire Equipment

Trailer-Mounted Puller/Tensioners
Make Model Rated Line Pull Continuous Torque Engine
TSE DPT40B 2,000 lbs 70,000 in-lbs 49hp
TSE DPT60 3,500 lbs 210,000 in-lbs 100hp
TSE PTV-100-72-SLRC Single V-Groove 10,000 lbs 10,000 lbs 173hp
*Heavy Duty Drum Pullers

Wire Equipment

Trailer-Mounted Tensioners
Make Model Rated TENSION GVWR Maximum Reel Weight
TSE T30/36 BWRC – Reel Carrier 3,000 lbs 11,440 lbs 7,000 lbs
TSE T50/52 BWRC – Reel Carrier 5,000 lbs 11,500 lbs
TSE T75/2H/2 Hydraulic Bullwheel 16,860 lbs 8,430 lbs
TSE T120H72-2 / T150H72-2 Bullwheel 12,000 lbs

Winch Dozers

Sagging Winch Dozers
Make Model Flywheel Power Operating Weight Engine
Cat D6R OR D6T CRAWLER 145.0 kW 18325.0 kg Cat® C9 ACERT
With Allied Three-Winch Sagging System


Underground Pullers
Make Model Rated Line Pull Reel Capacity Engine
TSE UP85BD 8,500 lb 2,300 ft 49hp
Underground Puller / Air Compressor